A word about our Services

At our office, we see the many reflections of the whole as one body system telling the able "listener" what is going on inside your body. This integrated approach is our expertise. This view of whole body connectedness is what sets us apart from those who see the body as though it has been divided up into specialties and merely treat symptoms as they pop up here and there.

By touching your hand we can better know your digestion, heart and bowels. By touching your spine we know better the health of your organs. Zones and meridians of the skin and muscles all over the body reflect the inner functions of your body.

That's because we are one, wholesome, functioning being.

Whole Body Connections

Pain in the back?
Could be digestive organs calling out for healing with digestive enzyme support.

Pain in the leg?
It could be the need for probiotics in the large intestines or perhaps you need more "greens" in your diet - or both!

Pain in the chest or abdomen?
Could signs of nutritional deficiency and/or a rib or spinal segment irritating nerves to the organs of the abdominal region.

In our office we see all aspects of the one "you" reflected in your body structure, body chemistry, emotions and mental capacity.

Biochemical imbalance?
Could be caused by structural imbalance.

Emotional imbalance?
Could mean biochemical imbalance.

Structural aches and pains?
Could be the need for The Nutritional Essentials, yoga, chiropractic and exercise.

Our purpose is to serve your wholeness and help you reconnect the varied parts of your self to reach the best level of health, harmony and balance of the ONE you. We use all the diagnostic skills we believe are necessary to determine how best to serve your Health Building needs and apply the remedy.

Dr. Stalzer treats the whole person. I feel so much better after a visit. She is an expert diagnostician, warm and compassionate on top of it. - P.H.